Sports Help

I'm on the page, but I don't hear any game audio?

The live broadcast does not begin until the game starts on the radio. Refresh/Reload the Live Sports page to ensure you connect as soon as the stream comes online. We usually have the game starting times, in Mountain Standard Time, listed on the front page of in the large “Hero” banner.

I have a Tablet/iPad or Smartphone. Can I listen to the game it?

Yes you can! Our streaming service, Mixlr, will autoplay the game broadcast on the Sports page for desktop computers… However on your Tablet or Smartphone you may need to click the “Play” button to tune in. The “Play” button is a triangle, turned 90-degrees clockwise within the stream player on the sports page. The stream player is the top left item on the page for desktop computers and most tablets, or the first item on your Smartphone device.

I am trying to listen to the game, but I keep getting asked to install Adobe Flash Player. Why?

Our website,, is designed to work with all internet browsers available today. However, if you are using an older version of Internet Explorer to view our website, it will ask you to install Adobe Flash Player if you do not have it installed already. We recommend you view with the latest version of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari to ensure the best experience.

The game audio is choppy/stopping/stuttering. Why?

If you are experiencing poor audio quality, or the audio is “cutting in and out”, ensure you have a strong cellular or wireless connection to the internet. Newell Broadcasting Corp. is not responsible for any charges you incur from your Wireless Carrier while streaming any live audio, or prerecorded audio from

The audio is too quiet/loud.

On a desktop/laptop computer, the streaming player “Mixlr” has a audio control to the right of the 960KFLN logo. However, on a Tablet or Smartphone device, use your devices built in audio controls to manage the stream volume.

Why is the score not able to be seen online?

During the Basketball Season, 960 KFLN does not provide live scoring updates to the games. The live scoring updates will return during the football season once again. Thanks.

Other issues/Questions.

If none of these FAQs are helping you, feel free to call 406-778-3371 during normal business hours for assistance OR click the Contact N.B.C. navigation button and fill out the contact form, and we will return your message as soon as we return to the office.