Daily Archives: October 12, 2017

Baker Lake Cleanup Progress 10/12/17

Check out the progress of the FEMA + Fallon County Cleanup of Baker Lake! We’ll be posting photos periodically of the progress for your viewing pleasure.

Apologies for the long range photos today, due to the wind my drone isn’t able to get in close without risks of hitting the nice people in the big machinery.

-Josh Rath

TransCanada Defending The Keystone XL Project In Montana

TransCanada officials are watching what is happening in Montana as another group tries to stop the Keystone XL Pipeline Project. Justice Department attorneys were in Montana to defend President Trump’s authority on matters of national security and foreign affairs. Matthew Johns a spokesman for TransCanada says the project is a win for both the United States and Canada.

Johns explains the recent decision why TransCanada decided to scrap plans for the Upland Pipeline in Northwest North Dakota.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission is to have a answer on the Keystone XL Pipeline for TransCanada by November 23rd.


Baker Youth Center Expansion

The Baker Youth Center just finished an expansion of the facility by adding a outdoor basketball court. Pastor Joe Epley of Baker First Assembly explains the idea of how the project was started.

Epley explains the history of the Epicenter in Baker.

For more information on the Epicenter: Baker Youth Center you may call 406-853-8906.

Interview with Pastor Joe Epley