Daily Archives: February 11, 2018

Baker City Council Gets A Request For Backyard Chickens

The Baker City Council met in regular session Wednesday evening. The meeting literally went to the birds. The main topic of discussion was a request by a citizen to see if the council would adopt a ordinance of allowing backyard chickens. Samantha Smits went before the council to explain why she would like to see the city allow for this type of ordinance. Smits explains that this idea of raising backyard chickens is growing in the United States.

Rich Menger Fallon County Sanitarian agreed that there were some excellent points made by Samantha Smits in her presentation. But, he did say there is some concern about some disease and the attraction of wild animals. The council tabled the item to discuss at a further time and to form a possible committee to further study the pros and cons of allowing backyard chickens.